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My precious granddaughter

17 Aug

My dd crochetedImage this cute, cute, cute little tube dress with regular yarn and ribbon yarn. I just love it.


Lollipop holders complete

14 Feb

Well, it is a few minutes into Valentines Day, and they are all made for the boy’s classes. My daughter has inserted heart suckers into each one and stapled a valentine to each one for every classmate. The teachers will get a small box of candy and a heart. I’m posting 2 of my favorite hearts. One I forgot the buttonholes, so it will become a refrigerator magnet. The pink girly heart will go to Ian’s teacher who is such a sweetie. So, now, I want to get some sewing done. It is good to be finished with these, but I want to finish some quilting. My grandsons gave Grampa and I candy. Hope everyone has a lovely day


More Valentines

7 Feb


I’m having so much fun making these valentines for the boys. Still need about 30 more, but trying to be creative and make them unique. So, here are more pictures of some of the latest. I’ve been using charm squares that I had on hand which makes the process quicker. Thanks for coming by.

Valentines Day sucker pops holders

29 Jan

My daughter and her husband are finally in her old bedroom with a real bed. Things are still a huge mess, but we are making progress. I am getting so spoiled because my daughter is doing most of the cooking. Since Valentine’s Day is coming, I’m making lollipop holders for the boys to take to school and hand out. Designed to look like candy hearts with sayings, they are machine embroidered hearts with button holes to insert the stick of the lollipop into and give away. Easy to make and really cute and can be made of so many fabrics. The embroidery designs are done completely in the hoop, and come from Embroidery Library ( This is a great chance to use up some scraps. The boys are excited and want to choose fabrics from my stash. They are even doing some of the embroidery. I really do like having them here. It feels somewhat like the “Walton’s” from television. The boys are too young to be “John Boy”, but still family is just so important to me.


6 Nov

Many of you know that my daughter and her family have moved in with us thus more than tripling our household. I have a three bedroom house, so it could be worse. But, I thought things would be different. I can’t seem to make any progress on anything. lol But I love working with my daughter and grandsons on their homework after school. They get a snack after their homework, so sometimes I make something like pudding or jello. I get to hold and play with my 5 1/2 month old granddaughter as much as I like, but the chaos is supreme and quilting has come to a standstill. My daughter and her husband will sleep in her old bedroom where I have my cutting table, stash, and kits that I have created. The seasons are changing, and I usually put up Autumn decorations, but it is almost time for Christmas decoration. And the laundry. Laundry for 7 people!!!!!!!! My daughter and her husband are still sleeping in the living room until we can get the bedroom emptied and purchase a new bed for that room. Most of their furniture is still in Dripping Springs where they were living. My sil is there checking on his dad and loading the pickup to make run back here. At the moment the house is quiet because my daughter went to visit a friend and spent the night. I love having everyone here, but I like the occasional quiet. I’m trying to prioritize my time and next move to tackle the chaos and squeeze in progress on quilting. My life is full and happy. My son had birthday on November 1st and I’d like to bake him a Mississippi Mud Cake, too! (smile) And lastly, my blog. I want to record these days. My daughter won’t be here with her family forever. But I know we’ll make memories with the grands. And I want to look back at my thoughts. Hugs to everyone. Life is good!

My Little Mermaid

29 Aug

Recently when my daughter was visiting with her children, she showed me a crocheted mermaid pattern for infants. She thought it was really cute, but I said we had to have it, and I would pay for the pattern. She finds the most wonderful crochet patterns. Aimee has been inspired to do a lot of crochet ever since she found out she was expecting a girl. My grandmother taught me to crochet when I was about 10, and I passed it on when Aimee was about 10. Hopefully, in about 10 years we will be handing down the tradition to the newest addition. Anyway to get back to the point, after a shopping trip to Hobby Lobby, I started the mermaid tail, and Aimee crocheted the fin. Then she created a little shell top to go with it and a headband. In my opinion Shannon Rose is simply too cute for words. And when Aimee posted a picture, the designer said it was beautiful work. So, here is my precious little mermaid (born May 18) in her crocheted costume.

If this heat keeps up, then this will be her Halloween outfit.

pattern from Crochet My Love Designs


21 Aug

This is one of the most neglected blogs there is. And after viewing a whole lot more, I don’t feel like I have very much to offer. There are so many talented and creative people out with fabulous ideas and free projects. That said, I want to get busy and share my UFOs in hopes it will get me motivated and back to work. Yesterday was my birthday, so with a new year, I’m vowing to finish my UFOs and more quilts. And I hope others will join me and work on their UFOs.  So, I’m taking pictures to show what needs finishing.  If you visit, please leave me at least a short note.  It always makes me happy to have visitors.  And if you have any hints or clues about how to use WordPress, I welcome all the help I can get. I’m still learning how to make this work. That why there are blank spots, I haven’t figured out how to fill them in. lol Hugs, to all.